How much to make an app?

Estimate the cost of an app easily using this handy tool.

1. Select Platform

This is always our first question. We develop native apps, this means we have to create separate apps for iOS and Android. If we make an iPhone app, it’s a matter of adjusting the UI for iPad. The same goes for Android smartphones and tablets.

2. Application Type

Stock/default means that we replicate an existing app, whether it’s in our portfolio, or you tell us which one to use as an example. If the app has to match an existing brand or corporate ID, that will influence the price.

3. Login System

Do you want to know who your user is? Or do you have to grant a known user access? Then you can choose email login, social login or both. Whichever you prefer.

4. In-app payments

Do you want to sell digital goods, like premium access in your app? Then select yes.

5. Data sync across devices

Do you want to offer the possibility of synchronizing the user experience, independant of the device that is used? Then you want to select ‘yes’. In this way, users can use whichever device they want to have access to the same data.

6. Will your users rate or review things?

People like rating things. Like coffee shops or bakeries. Or the quality of your service. If you want to have this in your app, select ‘yes’.

7. Will your users have their own profiles?

If you want to offer your user a place in the app to enter their personal data (like their name, address, phone number, etc.) we call it a profile. Select ‘yes’ if you need such a feature.

8. Do you want to use a CMS to manage app content?

If you want to regularly update the text, images and/or video in the app, a Content Management System (CMS) is something you definitely need.

9. Custom icon for your app?

Do you need us to design an icon for your app? Then select ‘yes’.

10. Do you want to use push notifications?

Push notifications are extremely powerful. You get the possibility to engage with your user on a level that is non-existent in websites. Your message goes straight into their pocket!

11. Do you want to use your users location?

Smartphones and tablets use GPS and WIFI to identify where the user is. This has to be allowed by the user and implemented in your app.

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